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Going on Vacation

22 Mar

Well, kind of. Every year my husband’s company sends all of their managers and their spouses to a wonderful, beautiful place, and then make us go to meetings and organized dinner functions where you have to dress all fancy. This year we are headed to Kauai, Hawaii. Maybe we’ll see some dinosaurs! (Shout out to all my Jurassic Park nerds.)

That little island up there in the left corner is where I’ll be. We’re heading out tomorrow afternoon. I’m excited to just spend a few days relaxing and soaking up a bit of sun… something that we are seriously lacking in Western Washington. I need some vitamin D!!! Plus, sipping a mai tai poolside sounds really great to me after the week I’ve just had.

My husband spent the night up at Harborview hospital in Seattle last Sunday night. He burned his face pretty badly and he got an awesome ride in an ambulance with lights, sirens, and everything! He was actually kind of excited about that. I spent the week changing bandages and making sure he took it easy. He is much better now and looks mostly back to normal again, sans the facial hair. Needless to say, it was a stressful week and I’m looking forward to doing nothing but lay in the sand.

My dear Lizze agreed to ship any of my items from our etsy shop if they sold while I was gone. She’s so sweet to me. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a girl like that for a business partner/best friend.

Aloha folks, see you next week!




Starry Blossoms

17 Aug

This is the quilt I was working on during our family vacation at the lake. It is 65″ x 78″, a great size for a twin bed. Stitching by the lake was something I had never done before. It was so serene and peaceful. I hope a little of that transferred into the quilt. May those good vibes give whomever purchases this quilt many wonderful nights sleep.

Starry Blossoms Quilt

Please take a look at http://thewanderingstars.etsy.com


We’re quiet because we’re working (mostly)

3 Aug

We have been so busy sewing, vacationing, and partying that we haven’t been much on the ball with our blog. I just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know that we are still here.

Lizze and I went to a concert last Wednesday night. We saw The Toadies! Remember them? It was a great time. We got our picture taken with them too. Then the next day I was off with the family to a car show that is an annual tradition for us. We packed up the camper and headed over to Yakima with our 1957 Ford for the Vintiques.

We got home late Sunday. I finished a quilt last night, and have 3 others in process. I don’t know why I start so many at once. I get overwhelmed and then find myself in a rut, being stubborn, not wanting to finish any of it. Lizze is on a roll. She is stitching on some binding as we speak, and has 2 other quilts done and ready to be listed.

Well, I’m off to take a few photos of my newly finished quilt. Then it’s time to sew some quilt blocks together!


Finally Home

22 Jul

Yesterday I got home from my vacation. I sure missed it. The familiarity and the freedom to do my own thing; to make an absolute mess if I so choose. That’s why I love being home. My week away was a great time, and I came back with renewed ambition. Something about being around other people for an extended period of time and seeing how they live always prompts me to make changes in my own life. For instance, I went grocery shopping today and I bought all organic foods. I didn’t buy anything microwavable. I’m a mission to cook more for my family and make us healthier.

Another thing about coming home that was wonderful… The day I came back we made another sale in our Etsy shop! Selling things that we make is so exciting! It’s like an affirmation that people really do like what we do. Family has to say “Oh, I love that!” because they’re family. But total strangers loving something we made, with our own two hands, and paying us money? Now that is something that really makes me happy inside. In case you’re wondering what you missed out on, it was the Summer Camp quilt that I posted not too long ago. It looks like we are going to have to kick it into high gear and get going on these sewing machines. We are doing far better than we had anticipated. Summer has kept us both very busy and I’m excited for the kids to go back to school so I can get some work done uninterrupted!

I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. Someone I know has a birthday coming up (where are all these birthdays coming from?) so I decided to head downstairs and start sewing up something for her. What I ended up with was a really simple and fun market bag. She does the farmers market a lot and this bag will be perfect for that. It was so simple that I am now planning to make several to list in our shop. Be on the lookout for some market bags that will be available soon.

It’s time to get busy with the rest of my day. I’ve got dinner in the crock pot so I’m looking forward to a house full of wonderful smells later this afternoon. My mom is coming for lunch today and we’ll be having hummus with pita bread, fruits and veggies, baked chips… Yum! If I could eat and sew all day, every day, I’d be a happy girl!


Vacation Time!

16 Jul

There’s a reason that I’ve been so horrible about blogging lately. We’re on vacation! My four kids and myself made the 8 hour drive from Western Washington where the temperature has been in the 70’s, over to Boise, Idaho. Today we are roasting in the 100+ degree weather. It is so different here. Parts are green, but it’s mostly very dry. And flat. I feel like I can see for miles when I stand and look outside.

We have been staying with some relatives here and they have 10 acres. They have several chickens, some goats, and someone has leased some of their land for their sheep, so we have those here too for awhile. A majority of our time has been spent in the pool though. When we come home everyone will wonder where we got these awesome tans!

As much as there is to do here, I miss my sewing machine. It sounds silly because a vacation isn’t for work. I guess that means I really love what I do! We’ll be getting home next Tuesday, and you can bet that I’ll be spending most of Wednesday sewing to my hearts content!