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Quilt Market Recap!

24 May

As many of you know, International Quilt Market was in Kansas City last week. Selina and I had intended to attend together, but sometimes life has other plans. Despite that Selina was unable to attend, I made the long, 45 minute journey downtown to see what all the fuss was about.

Welcome to Quilt Market Kansas City!

Market is a Trade Show for quilt store owners. pattern makers and suppliers. Credentials are required to obtain tickets, and I’m happy we are important enough to go! It is a three day event that includes classes, marketing strategies and, of course, Sample Spree. I had always heard Sample Spree was a mad dash because it’s one of the only events that allows you to bring home bundles of fabric. As excited as I was for Sample Spree, I actually left it empty handed. It was a great time, and lots of fun, but the fabric lines I was most excited to see were not made available at the event.

Like this! Tula Pink’s Stardust in Birds and the Bees and Nightshade

I noticed a trend of nautical themed fabrics; beach scenes, boats, pirates, maps, etc. All of which I adore. I have a special place in my heart for the nautical theme having grown up at the beach.

Ship Shape

What I love about the Ship Shape line is that it reminds me of sheets my mom used to have on her bed. I think it would be amazing to create this quilt and back it in those vintage sheets!

Great. Now I’m homesick. =/

Sarah Jane

The Sarah Jane line is so sweet and fun. I love the project ideas they have chosen for this line. It seems versatile to use for children but also in personal projects.

Sweet Water never disappoints  

Tweet! Too sweet!






















Aprons were also very popular, or maybe I just like them! Here are just a few of my favorites.

Violet Craft

Birch Organic Fabric. I MUST use this in a project!

Summerlove. Had me a blast. 😉


I also met and chatted with Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy, Mary Ann and Mary Fons, saw Amy and David Butler, and many many more quilt-famous people. It was too much fun! Next time I’m going to bring ridiculous amounts of money and a wholesale license. One will be easy to obtain. The other would also be easy to obtain but I don’t want to go to prison.

Yes, I was sewing with Nancy!

Selina already owns this line. Nightshade is very cool!

One of the best things I came across was a booth selling Fat Quarters of modern, current fabric lines for $2 per FQ. I was able to pick up a number of fantastic finds for myself and my absentee buddy. I had a huge stack of flyers and catalogs promoting new patterns, books and notions, so my wish list is now a mile long. One of the bundles I picked up was David Butler’s Parson Gray – Curious Nature. I can’t wait to pick up the book Big Blocks, Big Style to create a handsome, masculine quilt. I will not likely keep the quilt, so consider this a warning for an amazing quilt for the man in your life!

I’m taking it with me!

Best wishes!




Designer Challenge!

15 Aug

Selina and I were invited by the wonderful folks over at Fat Quarterly to participate in a designers challenge. We weren’t sure what it was we would be doing, but of course we said yes! We aren’t ones to turn down a challenge.

We were sent a printed canvas from Basic Grey and some buttons to play with. We were told we could use it anyway we wanted. We decided to make the most outlandish, bright, and bold canvas we could come up with. We love Tula Pink fabrics so we wanted to incorporate some bits of it that we have used in projects of our own. Selina is making me a quilt using the Plume fabrics, and the pink we chose is a fabric I used with Parisville to make a bag for her last Christmas.

This is the way the canvas looked when we started. Selina is pictured in the background, cutting up the fabrics we decided to use.

At first we were unsure where to go with this, but we assumed that other designers would be pretty tame and stick to the original plan of just showcasing buttons and small bits of fabric. If you know anything about us, we are not tame at all. We wanted to do something completely different with it.

We chose to sew strips of our fabrics together and cut around the design in the middle.

We were originally going to leave a raw edge, but it didn’t look quite right, so Selina folded the edges under and we used a fabric glue to hold it in place. And who doesn’t love ric rac?!?! I know we do!

Here’s Selina gluing down the ric rac around the edges. We used a light pink ric rac in the center, and a jumbo ric rac in fuchsia around the outside.

Time to stitch down the buttons. We chose the fanciest ones that they sent us to make it look like bling! And is that a feather?!?! Why yes, it sure is! We also got some letter charms, one letter “L” and one letter “S”. You know, like Laverne and Shirley!

This is our finished product. Crazy, just like us! We had so much fun making this! It might be a bit too over-the-top to win any prizes, but we love it and it will hang proudly in my sewing room. Every time I look at it, I will remember the great times we had together working on it. Thank you Fat Quarterly, for the chance to work on something like this. We hope it’s the wildest, most outlandish entry, because that would certainly be fitting for us.

The Homemade Christmas Gift Predicament

29 Dec

Being crafty is a double edged rotary blade.  We don’t create because we have to, but simply because we must.  I can’t explain what compels me to stress myself out at Christmas in order to make a gift.  It’s not as though there is any sound reasoning behind it, it’s just a feeling you have.  It certainly isn’t that making something is more cost effective.  I can assure you, it is not.  Let me give you an example:

My oldest daughter, Capri, has seen commercials for Lalaloopsie, The Rag Doll Come to Life.  “Mom, can you make me one of those for Christmas?!”  She’s a simple rag doll with button eyes, reminiscent of Coraline.  She looked simple enough to make.   I wondered what the dolls looked like in person, after all, they were only $19.95 on the day after Thanksgiving sale.   It turns out the doll isn’t a rag doll at all.  She is made of molded vinyl, including the “button” eyes.  But, she has a cute story and a  little fabric pet.  I was able to replicate a face for this doll out of fabric and buttons, and planned to get back to it to finish for Christmas.  I completed many other projects before I got back to this doll on the night before Christmas.  I had no idea how to finish this doll, all I had was a face. As it happened, many craft bloggers were doing Christmas giveaways, and one of the crafters I have befriend on Facebook won a doll from A Bit of Whimsy.  Her patterns were exactly what I was looking for, and down-loadable!  I was up until 6AM Christmas morning making this doll.  Granted, I hadn’t started until 2AM.

Is this doll more valued than one I could have purchased at a store?  It wasn’t necessarily less expensive to create than it would have been to purchase.  Hell, one click buying, ships right to the house, arrives gift wrapped…maybe I’m crazy for wanting to make things!


I also made the girls pajamas for Christmas.  The doll’s skirt is the fabric Capri chose for her Pajama bottoms.  Not that making pajamas is cost effective either.  The day after Thanksgiving I bought pajamas for $5 at Target.  Tops and bottoms.  I can’t even buy fabric for the pants for that price on sale!

So, I tell myself that I made this doll because it would be treasured, and an heirloom.  But really, who am I kidding?  I still have all of my Cabbage Patch Dolls, Barbies and My Little Ponies.  And they are special to me!  Am I forcing myself to believe that this doll will somehow be more special because I made it?  Does it really matter to anyone but me?

I made my youngest a puppy as well.  It isn’t any more special to her than the Geoffrey Giraffe or Pillow Pet she received.  So, really, what is it that compels me to make stuff?  I think it’s how it makes me feel to give these things.  Every item I create is a piece of me.  It’s my time, effort, patience, frustration and thought.  It may not be conveyed, as I know most people believe a hand made item is somehow more cost effective than store bought (not by a long shot), but I know it gives me satisfaction of giving.  It’s more than the standard Christmas Giving Obligation, but the-thought-that-counts feeling I get from giving my own product.  Here are some of the other Christmas items I made this year:

Capri's Binder Cover

A checkbook cover and pen for my sister

A thread Catcher for my mother

Owld for Selina's kiddos

I know the Parisville bag is loved!

I will never stop making gifts for people I love.  You may ask me for a gift card, but I’m going to make a little pouch to put it in.  Why?  Because I have to!


Happy New Year, everyone!