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Royal Garden and Bloggers Quilt Festival

18 May

Woo! I’m skidding in here just in time for the bloggers quilt festival. I’ve been working on this quilt for quite some time and when I saw that this festival was going on, it motivated me to kick my butt into high gear and finish it.

Amy over at http://amyscreativeside.com/ is hosting this festival for quilting bloggers and it looked like a lot of fun. There are over 500 blogs linked up for this event. What fun!!!

The quilt I’d like to show off is called Royal Garden. I literally just finished it today. It was quite a challenge for me as I usually make big block, patchwork type quilts. I’m not one for matching points and all that nonsense. I saw the quilt pictured in my connecting threads catalog a very long time ago and I just fell in love with it. I didn’t really care that it looked way beyond my skill level. After I got all of the fabrics home I started cutting. That’s when I realized I may have bitten off more than I could chew.

This is the daunting pile I ended up with. It actually scared me to think of having to sew all those pieces together and try to make them all line up. I’d never made a flying geese block before and this pattern required me to do about 6,256 of them (I’m exaggerating, of course, but it felt like that many!)

This was the block I ended up with.The points aren’t perfect, but they are much better than I thought I’d do! One down, 15 to go.

There were also 15 snowball blocks that were needed for this quilt. And a whole bunch more flying geese for the border.

This is the quilt top I ended up with. And after all that work, guess what I did? I folded it up and put it away. The thought of quilting it was more than I could bear. One of my worst fears whenever I make something is that my quilting will completely ruin it. I was so proud I’d gotten as far as I did and now I didn’t want to screw it up.

About a month ago – after this top had collected plenty of dust and cobwebs – I decided to pull it out and have a go at it. Here’s what she looks like now:

I’m very happy with the way it turned out and I’m glad I finally got up the courage to finish it. Getting this done has taught me to not be afraid to do anything. As long as I put my mind to it, I can make whatever I want. Even if it’s difficult I will no longer tell myself I have to pass up a pretty quilt because I could never have the talent required to make it.

Lizze is trying to encourage me to enter into this years fair. It isn’t perfect, by any means, and I’m certain there are no awards to be had for this one. But it might be fun to try it once and see what happens.

So that’s my contribution to this years Bloggers Quilt Festival. I hope you like it. Please be sure to visit the other blogs linked up too! There sure are some gorgeous quilts to be seen. Here’s the link again for you to hop on over to Amy’s blog to check out all the lovelies over there:


Thanks for stopping by!



Urban Log Cabin Update

15 Apr

You may remember my first post about this quilt way back in January. That’s right, January… No? Well you’re in luck because I have a little linky-poo right here:  http://wp.me/pXIOM-34

I am finally getting to the quilting of it and it has been such a pain. I decided to straight line quilting. I wanted to make it really dense so it would have that awesome wrinkly-ness which is my favorite part about quilts and makes it so much more than just a blanket. By the way, I hate it when people call my quilts “blankets”, but that’s a whole other story.

I wanted to share some photos of the progress since I’m super proud of how this beauty is turning out. It has been trying my patience everyday, but I am slowly making progress. I just popped a couple more Aleve – quilting on a home machine can be a killer on your neck, shoulders, and back. The hubs is against a longarm, but wait until I send a couple quilts out… he’ll rethink when he sees the price of  THAT, I’m sure. Maybe not a Gammill, but a Tin Lizzie will pay for itself in no time!

Okay, I’ll shut up now. You’re waiting for pictures. Sorry.

I used quilters linen by Robert Kaufman for the backing. If you haven’t tried quilters linen, you should. I highly recommend it. This is going to be the yummiest, crinkliest quilt ever! That walking foot has been a godsend for this quilt. I don’t know what I would have done without it. It has really helped to feed the bottom and top fabrics evenly so there’s no bunching. It was totally worth the extra money! I hope to have this finished by next week. I have so many other things to finish and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t start anything else until this was done. Well, other than the quilt along quilt that is. But that’s super easy and small so it doesn’t even count. Right?

Have a fantabulous weekend!


Happy Birthday to Me!

10 Apr

Then (a wee version of me)


Now (the full-sized version)

Last year I turned 30. That was hard for me. I was depressed for months and I never could put my finger on why that was. Something about being 30 I guess.

Tomorrow I am turning 31 and I couldn’t care less about how old I am going to be. Yes, I will no longer be 30, but rather  “in my thirties” and I’m fine with that. In fact, I’m SO fine with it, that I’m telling all of you how old I am AND I’m celebrating! For my birthday, Lizze and I decided that anything in our Etsy shop will ship for just 31 cents. Anything. Anywhere at all in the U.S. From a small coffee cozy, all the way up to a huge quilt. That sounds like a great idea to me!

The kids and I are going to hang out and it will be just like any other day except that I’ll get really awesome handmade cards with stick figures drawn on them that say “I love you mommy” – the absolute best gift I could receive. I have 3 little girls and they are going to attempt to bake me a birthday cake  (ssssssh!!! It’s supposed to be a surprise!).

Celebrate my birthday with me. Stop by the shop tomorrow, April 10th, and anything that your little heart desires will ship anywhere in the United States for 31 cents! Here’s a link to take you there: http://thewanderingstars.etsy.com

I’m looking forward to sharing my birthday with everyone. I hope you stop by and say hi!


What to do When Your Kids Grow

9 Feb

Two years ago I promised my daughter I would make her a dress to wear for her first day of kindergarten. I purchased fabric that was brightly colored with letters and sock monkeys on it (she loves sock monkeys!). It was a total pain, I even put in a zipper! Dang, I must love this kid. I got the dress done just in time for her first day of school and she loved it. It immediately became her favorite dress and she wore it at least once a week.


She is now in 2nd grade. Imagine her disappointment when she tried to put it on recently and the zipper broke. She had grown quite a bit, so her favorite dress no longer fit her. My mother in law came over one weekend and while she was here we went through the kids clothes to give a bunch of them away. She donates to a local battered womens shelter so I frequently send things home with her to donate when she comes to visit. She put the sock monkey dress in the pile of giveaway clothes. She must not have realized how attached my girl was to it! Well, when grandma wasn’t looking, she fished it out of the pile and hid it under her bed.

One day while doing some serious deep cleaning I found the dress wadded up in a ball under there. I asked her about it and she told me the story of how she rescued it from being given away. I knew I had to do something with this dress because it was so special to her. I asked for her permission to cut it up and make some new things for her from the fabric. She loved the idea and quickly agreed.

Out of this one dress I ended up with a banner for her wall with her name on it, and a really cute little bag. I even reused the tag I had sewn to the inside of the dress that says “made with love by mom”.

Banner for her wall

Inside made with dress lining fabric

The point of this post was to inspire you to use what you already have to  make something new. I know my daughter would have been upset had I just given away this dress that was so special to her. I’m glad I could repurpose it to make something she will be able to use for a very long time. If you look closely at the bag, you will see some stains on the fabric that she got on it when she was playing in the mud or rolling in the grass. Those stains are memories and thinking about how they got there makes me smile.


Our First Ever Giveaway Post!

21 Jan

I have decided that I want to do a little remodel of our blog. I read all kinds of crafty blogs from all over and in comparison I find the look of ours to be a little, well, blah. I want pretty colors, fancy links to awesome crafty stuff and wonderful crafty people, and to use it to promote others a bit more. Before I begin the process though, I’m going to need some feedback. That’s where the giveaway comes in. I have been hesitant to do a giveaway, but after much deliberation (read: deciding what I could stand to part with from my treasured stash) I have decided to go ahead and have one.

My question would be this: What makes you return to the same blog time and again? Is it because of all the wonderful links, the aesthetics, or the writing? Maybe you like blogs for their inspiration. Or maybe the thought of winning a prize entices you.

Speaking of prizes, you probably want to know what this one is! It’s a charm pack of Blossom by Moda Fabrics and a really great book called Cool Girls Quilt by Linda Lum DeBono. It’s got some cute projects in it that are perfect for beginners as well as more seasoned sewists.

What are your favorite things to see on a blog? It could be photos, tutorials, links to other blogs, prizes… lots of things. Here is the giveaway criteria… Leave a comment for us and let us know what keeps you coming back to read a blog. That’s all! One entry per person and duplicate entries will be deleted. I’ll choose a random winner on Wednesday January 26th. The more we hear from you, the better our blog will be when I’m done snazzing it up! Good luck!



Urban Log Cabin

9 Jan

Lizze and I went to the sewing expo at the Puyallup fair a couple of months ago. My husband told me that I could purchase ONE quilt kit. Only one! I really had to shop around to decide which kit I wanted more than any other. The kit I finally chose was from the Quilting Loft booth. The Quilting Loft is an adorable quilt shop in Ballard, WA that we had the pleasure of visiting during our shop hop last summer. The owner is a young lady, like us, and incredibly friendly. If you are ever in Seattle, drive the extra 5 minutes to Ballard and visit this shop. You won’t be disappointed!

Urban Log Cabin is the name of the pattern that came with my kit. These gorgeous fabrics are what made me fall in love:

Fabrics by Joel Dewberry

After cutting out all of the pieces for this quilt, I had several scraps left over. I am a tad bit obsessive when it comes to scraps. I hoard them. I always feel like I can use them to make something else although I rarely ever do. They just sit in my scrap bin and mock me. This time I made something with the scraps before I made the quilt.

I think this little bag turned out pretty nice, but I really should have made it a little bit bigger.

I finished piecing all of the blocks for the quilt tonight in the middle of screaming, hollering, and jumping around my sewing studio like a maniac. Did you see that Seahawks game?!?! I still can’t get over how amazing it was. It made it really hard to sew. Talk about distracting! Maybe I should take the tv out of there…

Here are the blocks all laid out and ready to be sewn. The picture quality isn’t that great. I took the photo with my cell phone. My good camera has been acting up lately and I can’t get it to connect with my computer. I think you get the gist of the pattern I’m going for though. I think it’s turning out quite well. After the blocks are sewn together, I have a beautiful border to add to it as well. And wait until you see the fabulous print I have for the binding! It’s my favorite.

I hope everyone is having as wonderful a start to their New Year as we are. 2011 is gearing up to be great for us. We have had 4 sales in the shop since the new year. It may not sound like much, but to us that’s a big deal. If the year continues like this, I may actually be able to make a real job out of this!


In Process

8 Nov



I am working on a new quilt that is testing my desire to not use profanity around the kids. This thing has so many tiny pieces. I normally make fairly simple quilts because I want to be able to get them done in a timely fashion. Also, I feel like my time is worth more than a dollar or so per hour. If I make complicated patterns it takes so much time. The photo above is where I’m at as of now. These pieces are to be the centers of 15 blocks. I feel  like I am moving at a snails pace. Also, I have never had a pattern that required me to draw on each individual piece I cut out (I have a good million pieces here) to mark my sewing lines. As soon as I saw that, I knew I was in trouble.

Lizze just made a quilt for a friend of hers. It was a very simple 9-patch block, and she has realized that quilts don’t need to be complicated to be beautiful. Quilts are lovely all on their own without being fussy or difficult.

I can’t say how long this one will take me to complete. I may end up setting it aside until after the holidays. Maybe it isn’t the right time to work on this. My heart isn’t in it. I could force myself to get it done, but if my heart is somewhere else, the end result just isn’t the same. Does that happen to anyone else? I’m the type that has to be excited by a project. Maybe that’s weird. Either way, I’ve decided that flying geese blocks are not fun, and I will avoid them in the future. Unless it’s like having a child where you forget about the pain immediately upon seeing the beautiful end result to your labor of love. I hope that is the case.