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Quilt Market Recap!

24 May

As many of you know, International Quilt Market was in Kansas City last week. Selina and I had intended to attend together, but sometimes life has other plans. Despite that Selina was unable to attend, I made the long, 45 minute journey downtown to see what all the fuss was about.

Welcome to Quilt Market Kansas City!

Market is a Trade Show for quilt store owners. pattern makers and suppliers. Credentials are required to obtain tickets, and I’m happy we are important enough to go! It is a three day event that includes classes, marketing strategies and, of course, Sample Spree. I had always heard Sample Spree was a mad dash because it’s one of the only events that allows you to bring home bundles of fabric. As excited as I was for Sample Spree, I actually left it empty handed. It was a great time, and lots of fun, but the fabric lines I was most excited to see were not made available at the event.

Like this! Tula Pink’s Stardust in Birds and the Bees and Nightshade

I noticed a trend of nautical themed fabrics; beach scenes, boats, pirates, maps, etc. All of which I adore. I have a special place in my heart for the nautical theme having grown up at the beach.

Ship Shape

What I love about the Ship Shape line is that it reminds me of sheets my mom used to have on her bed. I think it would be amazing to create this quilt and back it in those vintage sheets!

Great. Now I’m homesick. =/

Sarah Jane

The Sarah Jane line is so sweet and fun. I love the project ideas they have chosen for this line. It seems versatile to use for children but also in personal projects.

Sweet Water never disappoints  

Tweet! Too sweet!






















Aprons were also very popular, or maybe I just like them! Here are just a few of my favorites.

Violet Craft

Birch Organic Fabric. I MUST use this in a project!

Summerlove. Had me a blast. 😉


I also met and chatted with Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy, Mary Ann and Mary Fons, saw Amy and David Butler, and many many more quilt-famous people. It was too much fun! Next time I’m going to bring ridiculous amounts of money and a wholesale license. One will be easy to obtain. The other would also be easy to obtain but I don’t want to go to prison.

Yes, I was sewing with Nancy!

Selina already owns this line. Nightshade is very cool!

One of the best things I came across was a booth selling Fat Quarters of modern, current fabric lines for $2 per FQ. I was able to pick up a number of fantastic finds for myself and my absentee buddy. I had a huge stack of flyers and catalogs promoting new patterns, books and notions, so my wish list is now a mile long. One of the bundles I picked up was David Butler’s Parson Gray – Curious Nature. I can’t wait to pick up the book Big Blocks, Big Style to create a handsome, masculine quilt. I will not likely keep the quilt, so consider this a warning for an amazing quilt for the man in your life!

I’m taking it with me!

Best wishes!




Blocks of the Month

29 Mar

After a recent weekend getaway to St. Louis, I can now say I’ve traveled the length of the Lewis and Clark trail. In reverse and by car, but I made the journey none the less!


See? We made it to The Gateway to the West!

It seems fitting that The Kansas City Star has a Block of the Month pattern called The Spirit of Sacagawea: A Textile Tribute to an American Heroine for 2012.  I was late to the game to find out about it. The pattern comes out in the newspaper on the third Tuesday of the month. I missed January’s pattern by a few days and had a hard time finding anyone who still gets the newspaper. I put a call out on Craigslist to anyone who may still have the paper, and was luck enough to receive two in the mail the very next day! How sweet is that?! I sent both senders a thank you note and a little something for their kindness. Certainly thoughtfulness like that is rare and should be praised!

Sacagawea Block of the Month Quilt

Kansas City Star Block of the Month, The Spirit of Sacagawea

I figure having only one block a month gives me time to finish each block. (How many times have I said THAT before?!) I have finished both January and February’s blocks, and am looking to start on March this weekend!



One of my favorite things about these blocks is that it calls for them to be scrappy. So, I have not yet purchased a thing for these blocks! I told you I was going to use my scraps! I will say this though; Don’t piece when you’re upset! I had a terrible week and attempted the Mariner’s compass. I had to rip out every single stitch in the first 64 segments I sewed! So, there it is. Imperfect, but done!

I’ve also joined the Dessert of the Month cross stitch form The Frosted Pumpkin and have been trying to keep up with that!

Dessert of the Month

Keep with Selina’s progress as well at her Sew it Up blog! Happy stitching!


Making the Most of Scraps

10 Jan

What does your stash look like? (I’m talking fabric stash here! Don’t be crazy!) Does it consist of neatly folded, color coordinated, organized fat quarter sized pieces or larger? Because mine sure doesn’t! I have yardage, unfinished kits, kits I’ve cut and promised to get to as soon as I finish my next project, fat quarter bundles, jelly rolls and of course, scraps. When I say scraps, I mean bags of scrap fabric I couldn’t bear to part with after cutting out the piece I needed.
I wouldn’t call my self a hoarder, per se, but my stash is nothing to sneeze at. In a fit of organization I did seperate my scraps into categories by project or color and put them all into their own gallon sized zip lock bags. I have a tote bin full of “coordinated” scrap bags. But what am I going to do with them all? I think all sewists eventually ask themselves that question. You can’t throw them out! What if I need


Don't judge!

I can see the inevitable conclusion of my spate of itty bitty fabric collecting. I will eventually be burried with it all, or it will bury me. Something must be done. And since the new year is upon us, I must take the opportunity to resolve to create something with scraps and scraps only.
I’ve actually put this into practice and have made a few things in the past month already. Many of the covers I make include scrap batting and backing from other projects. I did make a Kindle Fire cover for a friend this Christmas:


Cool girls like skulls AND pink!

From the scraps of this project I created a DS cover for my daughter. She really loved the fabric, and I hadn’t thought of a handmade gift for her for Christmas yet, so I came up with this:



It’s has space for her DS, a divider to keep the charger seperate and slots for the games. Taking what I knew from making so many Zippy Strippy bags, it wasn’t terribly hard to create!
My challenge has begun, and I challenge you to do the same! I will alternate between scrap projects and new material projects. It may not make a huge dent, but hopefully I will double my finished project total for the year! I will post projects as I go. I would love to hear what you’re creating too!


Five Photo Friday

16 Sep

Today we’re following Kitty Pearl’s lead and posting our five favorite photos we took this week! Selina has been very consistent about posting her favorite five photos from the week, and for the first time, I have a couple photos to share too! We don’t have five each, but collectively we do! Sharon at A Prairie Sunrise hosts Fave Five Friday weekly! How fun!
So, Here we go!



Sienna and Sunflowers

Last weekend I was lucky enough to happen upon a patch of wild sunflowers! I have always loved sunflowers and this was a perfect way to end summer!



Look how happy this little field is!  How fun!


This is a weird bug that was on my house this week. My sister is pretty great at identifying bugs and I sent this to her.  It was one of three bugs that day. I still don’t know what it is, but it was fancy!


Sara's Skirt

Selina’s oldest daughter Sara made this skirt without any help! She did a great job and was proud enough to wear it to school! Naturally, her classmates were very impressed.  This normally shy little girl has an incredible talent and a product she made herself. Great job, Sara!


Selina made this charming Churn Dash wall hanging this week with scraps, on a whim! Super cute! I love it!  Have a great weekend, everyone!



Blown Away by Generosity

18 Jun

Wow, have I been busy!  Not tracking-infectious-disease/saving-mankind busy, but end of the year school party/two birthday parties in two days/mom, I made you coffee, didn’t close the tray, need to clean grounds off everything for the next 45 minutes busy.  Now that I have a spare minute, let me tell you about our happenings:

You may recall the devastating tornadoes to hit the south on April 27.  At the end of the storm, 31 were confirmed dead, 13 in the tiny town of Smithville, Mississippi alone.  The destruction was unimaginable, and tragic.  Selina and I have made many friends all over the country, including the south, and our hearts broke for our fellow Americans.

In this day and age, connecting and interacting with people across the country is just as easy as calling your girlfriend down the street.  Twitter (among other mediums) has been instrumental in building our quilting friends network, and through Twitter we reached out to our friends across the country and asked ourselves what we could do.  We all have the desire to help, and making a couple of quilt blocks seemed like an easy request.  We would request blocks and create a quilt to send, with love, to someone who may have lost everything.

It’s amazing the desire to give that quilters have.  It swells my heart two sizes (a la The Grinch)  when I think about it.  I don’t remember exactly how the Twitter feed read, it was during #gdas after all (the Friday night Get Drunk And Sew party we throw weekly on Twitter), but I do recall a Tweep (Twitter friend) offering to give a quilt to a guild in the affected area, and many many Tweeps offering to make two blocks to create a beautiful quilt to donate.  I offered to assemble, quilt and ship our final masterpiece.  CaraQuilts generously donated the beautiful pattern “Avalanche”

for participants to create their blocks with, APrairieSunrise created blocks and donated the backing.  SewAmanda not only created blocks, but donated batting, binding and border fabric as well!  All this giving!  Ladies, you amaze me!  In total we had blocks from:

Amanda W. from Kentucky
Sharon T. from Wyoming
Rebecca M. from California
Tiffany L. from Tennessee
Molly (need a last initial and state. I spaced it and didn’t write it down. Sorry!)
And Cara W. From Ontario Canada for supplying the beautiful pattern

As well as the blocks from Selina and me in Washington!  Talk about an American Quilt!  This is exactly why we chose to have the blocks done in red white and blue!  This was to show the solidarity of Americans.  That this may not have been in our state, but it affects us when it affects our fellow citizens.

Our Completed Quilt

Additional pictures can found on our Flickr Group.

Sadly, while putting this beautiful quilt together, the storm season grew worse.  Joplin, Missouri was hit with the most deadly tornado in 60 years.  The path was a mile wide and six miles long, destroying much of the town.  Again, we have many quilting friends in Missouri, as well as personal friends.  Again, our hearts broke for our fellow Americans, and the decision was made among the Tweeps to send the quilt to Joplin.

The Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsville, MO, is collecting quilts and quilting supplies to distribute.  The supplies will be to help re-guild the quilting Guild that lost everything in the tornado.  Also, a big thank you to The Stitchin Heaven in Texas for helping coordinate the relief effort!  Truly, the generosity of quilter’s is amazing!  Thanks to everyone for their donations and time!

In unrelated news, I made some of these Zippy Strippy bags as teachers gifts!  They were super easy and well received. (Four of them!) Why is it everyone else in the world knows to give teachers end of the year gifts except me?! It only took me three years to get it! (The oldest is in First grade).

Ta da!

I’m off to the post office.  If you have any spare rotary cutters, yardage, etc, consider donating to The Joplin guild!  Take care!


Royal Garden and Bloggers Quilt Festival

18 May

Woo! I’m skidding in here just in time for the bloggers quilt festival. I’ve been working on this quilt for quite some time and when I saw that this festival was going on, it motivated me to kick my butt into high gear and finish it.

Amy over at http://amyscreativeside.com/ is hosting this festival for quilting bloggers and it looked like a lot of fun. There are over 500 blogs linked up for this event. What fun!!!

The quilt I’d like to show off is called Royal Garden. I literally just finished it today. It was quite a challenge for me as I usually make big block, patchwork type quilts. I’m not one for matching points and all that nonsense. I saw the quilt pictured in my connecting threads catalog a very long time ago and I just fell in love with it. I didn’t really care that it looked way beyond my skill level. After I got all of the fabrics home I started cutting. That’s when I realized I may have bitten off more than I could chew.

This is the daunting pile I ended up with. It actually scared me to think of having to sew all those pieces together and try to make them all line up. I’d never made a flying geese block before and this pattern required me to do about 6,256 of them (I’m exaggerating, of course, but it felt like that many!)

This was the block I ended up with.The points aren’t perfect, but they are much better than I thought I’d do! One down, 15 to go.

There were also 15 snowball blocks that were needed for this quilt. And a whole bunch more flying geese for the border.

This is the quilt top I ended up with. And after all that work, guess what I did? I folded it up and put it away. The thought of quilting it was more than I could bear. One of my worst fears whenever I make something is that my quilting will completely ruin it. I was so proud I’d gotten as far as I did and now I didn’t want to screw it up.

About a month ago – after this top had collected plenty of dust and cobwebs – I decided to pull it out and have a go at it. Here’s what she looks like now:

I’m very happy with the way it turned out and I’m glad I finally got up the courage to finish it. Getting this done has taught me to not be afraid to do anything. As long as I put my mind to it, I can make whatever I want. Even if it’s difficult I will no longer tell myself I have to pass up a pretty quilt because I could never have the talent required to make it.

Lizze is trying to encourage me to enter into this years fair. It isn’t perfect, by any means, and I’m certain there are no awards to be had for this one. But it might be fun to try it once and see what happens.

So that’s my contribution to this years Bloggers Quilt Festival. I hope you like it. Please be sure to visit the other blogs linked up too! There sure are some gorgeous quilts to be seen. Here’s the link again for you to hop on over to Amy’s blog to check out all the lovelies over there:


Thanks for stopping by!


Who likes free stuff?

26 Apr

I sure do like free stuff!  Just yesterday I received a tiny mascara in the mail for free from Clinique! It made my whole day!  Why would they just send out a free mascara?  Or those free panty coupons from Victoria’s Secret, what’s up with how awesome that is?!  Any promotion that results in free goodies is one that I talk about and therefore, in my humble opinion, is a promotion worth having!  While I would love to give something to everyone,  I’m no corporation, I am but a humble SAHM that simply loves to give and create.  So, in the spirit of giving, I have not just a pattern to give away, but a fat quarter bundle as well!  Not JUST a fat quarter bundle, but 20 freaking fat quarters!!! And they coordinate!! And a pattern that uses all of them and leaves little scrap!!  Come on!! That’s awesome, right?!  And I totally want you to win it!!

Wandering Stars Giveaway!

“But how do I win, and why are you so awesome?” I hear you asking, and those are great questions.  Entering is simple; Leave a comment below, retweet the link to this blog or “like” us on Facebook and leave a comment there!  In fact, each of those actions will result in an entry!

Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/ws_on_etsy
Friday nights at 6PM, Pacific time, we host #gdas (get drunk and sew, *giggle*) join us for fun and creativity and silliness and cocktails!

on find us on Facebook  Here.

We’re trying to broaden our network of fellow crafters and quilters.  Sewing makes me feel happy, and having like minded people to share the joys and frustrations with is the best!  As much as I love to receive stuff in the mail, I love to be the sender as well!  Good luck, and thanks for spending your time with us! The contest ends Tuesday, May 3rd!