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Shop Hop Update

27 Jun

As promised, I have a few photos for you from our shop hop adventure. We had a fabulous time. Our favorite shop BY FAR was the quilt shop in Bellevue. If you haven’t been there, GO!!! Visiting that shop was the best part of our day. They had a station set up to make little drawstring bags. The lady who helped us? Now that was our kind of lady! Lizze really wants a serger now. I have one, but it certainly isn’t a Bernina. It does the job, but boy, those Berninas are nice. However, they have the price tag to go with it.

My daughter, Sara ended up tagging along for the trip. She is 10 years old and has taken a sewing class. She has made bags, pillows, and a couple of very simple quilts. She participated in the hop and got the quilt blocks too. Her and I will be working on our blocks together. Many of them use applique this year, which I hate. We will learn to do it together. It will either be a wonderful bonding experience, or an abysmal failure… We shall see.


Shop Hop

25 Jun

We managed to find a babysitter crazy enough to take on all 6 of our kids for 8 hours. So today, Lizze and I are going to join in on the Western Washington Shop Hop. With each quilt shop you visit, you get a little bag filled with the fabric needed to make one quilt block. By the time you’re finished, you have enough to make an entire quilt! Granted, we could buy the fabric to make it for less than we’ll be spending on gas money, but we’re in it for the adventure! I’ve got my Muse concert t-shirt on, my hooded sweatshirt, and my big sunglasses. This is my standard adventure outfit. I’m ready! We’ll take plenty of photos and share our little road trip with you later.