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A word about Mother’s Day

6 May

I sure do love The Quilting Gallery!  It’s a wonderful site for quilters that links to blogs from all around the world! (Including ours!)  They often host swaps and host a weekly themed Quilt Contest.  I have entered before (I have made a few quilts, occasionally the meet theme criteria) and have entered again this week!  I’d love to give you a little back story on my quilt this week:

Every June for the past 13 years, Western Washington is taken over by traveling quilters!  For four days, quilters caravan around to participating independent quilt shops for the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop!  If you plan to visit all the stores, you really need all four days!  They range from near the Canadian border to near the Oregon border, from the eastside all the way to the ocean and the peninsula!  It’s a good time and you get a block kit from each store, designed by that store, all in that years themed fabric.

Selina and me doing last years Shop Hop

It’s a good excuse for friends to get together and have a great time shopping for fabric!

Sometimes you can make projects!

Last year Quiltworks Northwest in Bellevue had a set up to make little bags for free!  (And demo Berninas…so tempting!) I use my bag to keep my shop hop blocks and fabric in!  It’s such a great time!

When I was new to quilting, I had never heard of shop hop.  I happened to be shopping and saw the store’s block for the year.  It was rainbow triangles with an umbrella charm with this as the focus fabric:

Shop Hop fabric 2006

If you knew my mom, you would know that that just speaks of her! I decided then and there to participate.  I was seven months pregnant and had a two year old, I knew I had better do it now before the kids got to be too big and wouldn’t allow me to go in the future!  I shopped and I hopped (more like waddled), dragging the little one and a husband around.  It was an exciting road trip, and I was able to get quite a few blocks!  Over the next few months I worked on the blocks with no particular finishing project in mind.  I decided to finish the project for mother’s day (I already missed her birthday in October, but I had just had the baby in August!  DON’T JUDGE!) but I would need to add elements to make it bigger. I remembered seeing a pattern while on shop hop at Undercover Quilts in the Pike Place Market of a stained glass (quilt) Orca mom and baby.  I chose the Orca mom and baby because I had babies on the brain, but also because my mom lives on Puget Sound.  It just felt right.  I free cut Mt Rainier and fused it to the sky background, and fused some free cut trees to hide my seam!  I ended up with this:

Northwest Family Quilt for mom

Yes, it’s busy, but that’s the nature  of shop hop quilts!  And she loves it enough to hang above her bed, so what more could I have asked for?  When I held it up to give to her, she gasped and said “My God.”  Which is kind of a big reaction from my mom.  I knew she liked it and that means a lot to me.  I bordered and backed it in tulips for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (another favorite of hers)  and free motion quilted appropriately for each block, as well as waves in the water.

Should you wish to vote for my quilt this weekend, You can find the contest HERE!  Thanks again, and happy Mother’s Day, mom!



Shop Hop

25 Jun

We managed to find a babysitter crazy enough to take on all 6 of our kids for 8 hours. So today, Lizze and I are going to join in on the Western Washington Shop Hop. With each quilt shop you visit, you get a little bag filled with the fabric needed to make one quilt block. By the time you’re finished, you have enough to make an entire quilt! Granted, we could buy the fabric to make it for less than we’ll be spending on gas money, but we’re in it for the adventure! I’ve got my Muse concert t-shirt on, my hooded sweatshirt, and my big sunglasses. This is my standard adventure outfit. I’m ready! We’ll take plenty of photos and share our little road trip with you later.