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Ruined your sweater? Not so fast!!

19 Nov

The "ruined" sweater has a new life!

I have to admit that I am kind of a pack rat.  And a closet hippie.  I don’t like throwing things away that aren’t really ruined.  This Merino wool sweater is one of those things.  I couldn’t bear to throw it out after it shrank in the wash.  It wasn’t even mine!!  So, I saved it and planned that “one day” I would find a use for it, or give it a new life.  That day came this week.

This is a very lean year for me, and I’m making the most of everything!  I had heard about mittens from felted wool sweaters, and I decided this was the time to experiment.

I used the sleeves to make mittens for myself.  I was sure that since I could fit my hand on the space, it would be just fine.  Well, yes and no.  Mitten patterns are sort of L-shaped for a reason.  The reason is, the angle at the thumb puckers if it doesn’t have enough space.  I made it work and they fit me, well, like a glove!

The second pair of mittens were made from the body of the sweater, and are far more generously cut.  Still, I’m left with so much material! The remainder of the sleeves were cut off and turned into coffee cozies.  I have since blanket stitched them in red, but my stitching looks like hell so I will not share the “finished” photo of them. =)

The neck of the sweater is also a finished edge, and I know it fits over my head.  It became a very well fitting hat with ear flaps, as it was a V neck.

Here is said hat

Still, so much material left!  I then made a small hat for a baby or baby doll.  My next project will be to fuse the rest together and cut out wool ornaments!  Waste not, want not, as my grandma always says!!

All out of one "ruined" sweater!

Christmas doesn’t have to be about excess, sometimes it can be humble and still fabulous!



Our First Sales

20 Jun

We made our very first sales this morning! My wonderful cousin Kim bought three items from us. Is it too early for a celebratory cocktail?

I’m posting photos of the sold items here. If you like what you see, don’t forget that we take custom orders and we can make any of these items special just for you! The jacket can be made in any size from newborn up to a child’s size 6.

Selina & Lizze