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Mail Day

8 Apr

Have you ever had a really great mail day? Of course we all get loads of junk mail, but recently I had what I would consider to be one of the best mail days of my whole life.

Right before I left for my Hawaii trip (which was great by the way, thanks for asking) I was on twitter. I merely mentioned the color pink, and here comes Jennifer Paganelli of SisBoom Fabrics (@SisBoom on twitter) “Did someone say pink?” Next thing I know I’m being offered a care package of pink scraps from her fabric lines! Woohoo!

I left for my trip the next day. When I got home a week later I came home to a big cardboard box on my kitchen counter. Want to see what was inside?

I got loads of gorgeous, happy, colorful fabrics along with a couple of cards advertising her first book coming out! This looks like a fabulous book with tons of awesome projects to make for little girls. You can visit Jennifer’s wonderful website here:


I love her blog. It has so much vibrant color, and inspiration galore! You can also pre-order signed copies of her book. How cool is that?

As if the stack of fabrics I got from Jennifer weren’t enough, I also got  the book “Amy Butler’s Style Stitches” from my grandma.

These fabrics will be perfect for making one (or several) of the bags featured in Amy’s book. I have so many projects going on at the moment, but I think I might put them all aside to make something special just for me with my new goodies! Like I said, best mail day ever.



Our First Ever Giveaway Post!

21 Jan

I have decided that I want to do a little remodel of our blog. I read all kinds of crafty blogs from all over and in comparison I find the look of ours to be a little, well, blah. I want pretty colors, fancy links to awesome crafty stuff and wonderful crafty people, and to use it to promote others a bit more. Before I begin the process though, I’m going to need some feedback. That’s where the giveaway comes in. I have been hesitant to do a giveaway, but after much deliberation (read: deciding what I could stand to part with from my treasured stash) I have decided to go ahead and have one.

My question would be this: What makes you return to the same blog time and again? Is it because of all the wonderful links, the aesthetics, or the writing? Maybe you like blogs for their inspiration. Or maybe the thought of winning a prize entices you.

Speaking of prizes, you probably want to know what this one is! It’s a charm pack of Blossom by Moda Fabrics and a really great book called Cool Girls Quilt by Linda Lum DeBono. It’s got some cute projects in it that are perfect for beginners as well as more seasoned sewists.

What are your favorite things to see on a blog? It could be photos, tutorials, links to other blogs, prizes… lots of things. Here is the giveaway criteria… Leave a comment for us and let us know what keeps you coming back to read a blog. That’s all! One entry per person and duplicate entries will be deleted. I’ll choose a random winner on Wednesday January 26th. The more we hear from you, the better our blog will be when I’m done snazzing it up! Good luck!




21 Aug

I’ve decided today to write about something other than sewing. Shocking, I know. I haven’t been motivated much to get any sewing done, so this is my lame attempt to change the subject. The awesome thing about my “job” is that if I don’t feel like doing it, I don’t have to.

Yesterday I went to the local thrift store. It is one of my favorite places to shop. I bought several books there, one of which was Wicked. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this book. Any book that inspires a Broadway musical HAS to be good, right? That’s my theory. So far, I’m loving it. When I got it home and cracked it open, the first thing I noticed was the illustration of the map on the first page. Have you ever noticed that books with maps in them are always fantastic? Take the Lord of the Rings trilogy, for example. Maps. I love stories that are so complex, and have so many characters and places, that you need a map for reference to keep them all straight. The gist of this book is basically how the wicked witch came to be wicked in the first place. It is fascinating to me to think of why people are the way that they are. What makes them tick. It is a great realization when you finally discover that bullies wouldn’t be bullies if only someone had paid attention to them or gave them any affection. It is never so simple as “that kid is mean”. The complexities of humans never cease to amaze me. The tiniest little thing can change the entire course of our lives. Mind boggling.

I want to know who else has read this book. What do you think of it? I’m off to pour another cup of coffee and continue reading. I’d love to hear any opinions on the book, but no spoilers! I’m not done with it yet! Give me two more days. Books like this cause me to read non-stop until I’m finished. My house could fall apart around me and I would shush it for being so noisy as it fell. “Would you please?!?! Can’t you see I’m trying to read?”