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This is What Friends Are For

22 Oct

My dear friend (and new best customer) came to visit me today. I have known this lady since I was 13 years old. Even as a teenager, when I was supposed to hate all grown-ups, I adored this woman. She has a fantastic sense of humor and isn’t afraid to be herself. I love people like that.

She commissioned me to make market bags for her. Some are to keep and some are to give away as Christmas gifts. I made seven bags and she loved them so much she asked me to make five more. Because I have known her for so long, and we are such dear friends, it felt very awkward for me when she asked “how much do I owe you?” She ended up just writing me a check and leaving it on the table. Does anyone else have this problem when selling things to friends or family?

Her response to my hesitation in setting a price was this: “When asked what you’re worth my answer is “the world”, so there is no price tag big enough.” And this, friends, is why I love her. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have at least one person like this in their lives. I just so happen to have a couple. I am one blessed lady!



Time to go shopping!

20 Sep

I whipped up these 3 market bags last night. I’m so happy with them, these fabrics are my favorite! I purchased the fabrics from ConnectingThreads.com and they are a part of the Canning Day collection. For anyone not familiar with this website, I would love to recommend it. Their fabrics are of superior quality without a quilt shop price tag. Not only that, but all of their fabrics are made right here in the USA (with the exception of batik’s, of course).

This one is called Plentiful Peaches

Plentiful Peaches in Aqua (and my lovely Pug, Bijou)

Cherries and Apricots

These turned out very nice. It makes me look forward to the weekly shopping trip when I know I get to take these beauties with me.

As with my other market bags they are $20 and available now in our etsy shop. I can make these in any prints you have in mind. Just let me know what you’d like.

Hope it’s been a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Happy Sunday!


Market Bags

7 Aug

Market bags are the easiest way to help the environment. A market bag is a bag you take the the grocery store or farmers market. Using these reusable bags is much better than filling up the cabinet under your kitchen sink with plastic grocery bags. Many grocers are selling reusable bags, but they are SO boring!

I bought some from my local supermarket and I decided that I was much too fashionable to carry around one of those drab things. I made a few bags out of beautiful fabrics, and the next time I went to the grocery store I was the  most popular girl there 😉 Obviously women are in need of these wonderful bags, so of course I made some more.

These can be made out of any fabrics at all, but I prefer cute food prints for mine. As always, we take custom orders. So if you love these bags, but don’t love the fabrics… I can use any print you like. Just ask! These bags would also be great for the beach or an overnight bag.

This one is called Lemon Drop:

Pommes et Poivres (apples and pears):

And Seed Packs:

I just love these!

Happy Shopping,