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Fair Love

30 Sep


As many of you know, I entered a couple of quilts into our local fair recently. Our fair is very large. One of the 10 largest fairs in the US actually. It is so expensive to eat or ride rides at the fair so we haven’t done that for several years. My favorite part about the fair though is looking at all of the exhibits, listening to local bands, and the animals.

We had a really great time this year. We looked at all of the agriculture exhibits (which are always amazing). The kids got to do some free activities like beading and painting. We saw a couple different bands and a magician.

We love watching the draft horses. They really are some of the most beautiful animals ever. I caught this picture on my cell phone and thought it turned out really cool (totally by accident).

There was one barn full of nothing but bunnies. We looked at every single one. This little guy stole my heart.

Of course we had to go see the quilts. There were hundreds of them hanging from the ceiling.


Imagine my surprise when I saw my quilt, in this sea of gorgeousness, hanging there with a little red ribbon on it.

I just got my quilts back this Tuesday, and wouldn’t you know it, the Quilting Gallery Contest this week is Flying Geese! This quilt has over 100 flying geese pieces in it, so I decided to enter. It’s not cheating to win more than one award for the same quilt, right? Heehee!

If you are so inclined, won’t you please take a peek at the quilts in the contest this week and vote for your favorite? I hope you choose mine, but there are always many beautiful quilts there so if you choose another it’s okay. I’ll only cry for a week or so 😉 Voting starts tomorrow and goes through Sunday.




Five Photo Friday

16 Sep

Today we’re following Kitty Pearl’s lead and posting our five favorite photos we took this week! Selina has been very consistent about posting her favorite five photos from the week, and for the first time, I have a couple photos to share too! We don’t have five each, but collectively we do! Sharon at A Prairie Sunrise hosts Fave Five Friday weekly! How fun!
So, Here we go!



Sienna and Sunflowers

Last weekend I was lucky enough to happen upon a patch of wild sunflowers! I have always loved sunflowers and this was a perfect way to end summer!



Look how happy this little field is!  How fun!


This is a weird bug that was on my house this week. My sister is pretty great at identifying bugs and I sent this to her.  It was one of three bugs that day. I still don’t know what it is, but it was fancy!


Sara's Skirt

Selina’s oldest daughter Sara made this skirt without any help! She did a great job and was proud enough to wear it to school! Naturally, her classmates were very impressed.  This normally shy little girl has an incredible talent and a product she made herself. Great job, Sara!


Selina made this charming Churn Dash wall hanging this week with scraps, on a whim! Super cute! I love it!  Have a great weekend, everyone!



Berry Season!

8 Sep

There is nothing more heartwarming to me than picking berries with my children.  I don’t know if it’s because it reminds me of picking blackberries with my parents when I was a child, or if it is because berries only ripen when the long-absent Seattle sun makes its return.  All I know is, when I think of my idea of happiness, picking blueberries with my girls is at the top of my list.  It’s so great, even the dog joins in!

Anyway, a couple months ago our dear friend Kitty Pearl at Road Home Quilting had a poll to choose a favorite vintage apron. She posted a ‘Picker’s Apron’ and I fell in love.  I had never heard of or seen such an apron! It looked adorable, functional and easy to make!  The appeal was that it was an apron that had strings in it you could draw up to turn it into a basket.  I wouldn’t have to use my skirt anymore!

It turns out that was a favorite among many, and would be published in new book; How to Make Aprons. I was smitten and knew I needed the pattern ‘one day’.

How to Make Aprons

As luck would have it, @RoadHomeQuiltin (as followed on Twitter) was giving out a copy of this wonderful book and Selina was lucky enough to win it! She knew how badly I wanted to make the pickers apron and she lent me the book to make it!  I even had a lovely cherry fabric given to me by my Aunt Eileen to make it in.  After a couple calls to my mom for help reading a pattern, (clothing patterns aren’t my thing) I knocked out an adorable apron!

Picker's Apron

I used vintage buttons from my grandmother’s button box as the draw pulls, and vintage ric-rac Selina had as a cute accent! I was very pleased with the end result!


I was able to make this apron, start to finish, in just a couple hours.  We were out picking lots of blueberries in no time at all!

Fresh Blueberries!!

The girls enjoyed picking blueberries and putting them into the pouch of my new apron, but couldn’t wait until it was their turn to wear it too!

Picking Berries!

Each girl got a turn.

Sienna with blueberries

Capri with Apron

We had a very successful picking experience in the back yard with our new apron.  Not a single berry was spilled! In fact, we had enough for a delicious cobbler! The very rainy spring/summer made for excellent berries.

Berry Cobbler

The girls had so much fun with this apron that they went around looking for berries on the blackberry and raspberry bushes. The result was this delicious berry cobbler! In case I haven’t mentioned it, Fall is my favorite season and harvesting is the reward for the labor!

ProTip:  If you make your apron in white as I did, and you’re picking berries that stain, try using Zout to treat the stains before washing! Mine comes out as good as new!

Happy Harvest!


A Revelation

5 Sep

I got a very welcome, yet totally unexpected convo from Etsy last night. You may remember my quilts I dropped off at the fair last week. I don’t know how you could forget since I’ve been blabbing about them non-stop… I’m so annoying. Anyway, a lady in Alabama found my quilts listed for sale (Lizze and I have many others on the website and she just happened to choose these two) and wanted to buy both of them. That’s right, BOTH. The only quilts neither one of us has in our possession at the moment. They are at the fair until the end of the month. No interest whatsoever in the 6 months they’ve been listed and them BAM! As soon as I send them out they’re flying off the shelves. What in the world? We should enter quilts into the fair more often apparently.

Thankfully, she is willing to wait for them to be returned to me and she is buying them for her husbands grandmother. How sweet is that? I am so excited. After having not sold a thing in months, this is a wonderful turn of events. I was getting ready to start boiling shoes for dinner.

I will be kind of sad to see them go if they win any ribbons, but I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures of them hanging up in the Hobby Hall next week.

This whole experience has made me see that other people love and value handmade items. Lately I have been feeling a bit, well, unsure of how to price some of things I make. Yes, I spend a lot on quality fabric to make my quilts. And I spend a great deal of time cutting, piecing, quilting, and binding (by hand). My sister commented on a picture of one of my quilts recently asking how much it was. My palms started to sweat and I began having heart palpitations. I was ashamed to tell her how much I wanted for it. I feel like people don’t understand what goes into making something like this. When all is said and done, after factoring in my time and costs, I’m making much less than minimum wage. But still, when a person can buy a “quilt” at a big box store for less than fifty dollars, they don’t understand what is so special about mine. At least that’s what I thought until last night.

There are people that get it. There are people that see the difference between a good quality handmade quilt, and one you might find perusing the clearance aisles at Target. There are people who understand the value in supporting the handmade culture, and supporting artists in the country in which they live. I will no longer be ashamed to tell someone the price of my quilts, or bags, or anything else. The people I want to buy my things are the ones who “get” it. The saying “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. I’m certain that my quilts will still be around for my great grandchildren to snuggle up in someday and that makes me smile.

Check it out!