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Blown Away by Generosity

18 Jun

Wow, have I been busy!  Not tracking-infectious-disease/saving-mankind busy, but end of the year school party/two birthday parties in two days/mom, I made you coffee, didn’t close the tray, need to clean grounds off everything for the next 45 minutes busy.  Now that I have a spare minute, let me tell you about our happenings:

You may recall the devastating tornadoes to hit the south on April 27.  At the end of the storm, 31 were confirmed dead, 13 in the tiny town of Smithville, Mississippi alone.  The destruction was unimaginable, and tragic.  Selina and I have made many friends all over the country, including the south, and our hearts broke for our fellow Americans.

In this day and age, connecting and interacting with people across the country is just as easy as calling your girlfriend down the street.  Twitter (among other mediums) has been instrumental in building our quilting friends network, and through Twitter we reached out to our friends across the country and asked ourselves what we could do.  We all have the desire to help, and making a couple of quilt blocks seemed like an easy request.  We would request blocks and create a quilt to send, with love, to someone who may have lost everything.

It’s amazing the desire to give that quilters have.  It swells my heart two sizes (a la The Grinch)  when I think about it.  I don’t remember exactly how the Twitter feed read, it was during #gdas after all (the Friday night Get Drunk And Sew party we throw weekly on Twitter), but I do recall a Tweep (Twitter friend) offering to give a quilt to a guild in the affected area, and many many Tweeps offering to make two blocks to create a beautiful quilt to donate.  I offered to assemble, quilt and ship our final masterpiece.  CaraQuilts generously donated the beautiful pattern “Avalanche”

for participants to create their blocks with, APrairieSunrise created blocks and donated the backing.  SewAmanda not only created blocks, but donated batting, binding and border fabric as well!  All this giving!  Ladies, you amaze me!  In total we had blocks from:

Amanda W. from Kentucky
Sharon T. from Wyoming
Rebecca M. from California
Tiffany L. from Tennessee
Molly (need a last initial and state. I spaced it and didn’t write it down. Sorry!)
And Cara W. From Ontario Canada for supplying the beautiful pattern

As well as the blocks from Selina and me in Washington!  Talk about an American Quilt!  This is exactly why we chose to have the blocks done in red white and blue!  This was to show the solidarity of Americans.  That this may not have been in our state, but it affects us when it affects our fellow citizens.

Our Completed Quilt

Additional pictures can found on our Flickr Group.

Sadly, while putting this beautiful quilt together, the storm season grew worse.  Joplin, Missouri was hit with the most deadly tornado in 60 years.  The path was a mile wide and six miles long, destroying much of the town.  Again, we have many quilting friends in Missouri, as well as personal friends.  Again, our hearts broke for our fellow Americans, and the decision was made among the Tweeps to send the quilt to Joplin.

The Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsville, MO, is collecting quilts and quilting supplies to distribute.  The supplies will be to help re-guild the quilting Guild that lost everything in the tornado.  Also, a big thank you to The Stitchin Heaven in Texas for helping coordinate the relief effort!  Truly, the generosity of quilter’s is amazing!  Thanks to everyone for their donations and time!

In unrelated news, I made some of these Zippy Strippy bags as teachers gifts!  They were super easy and well received. (Four of them!) Why is it everyone else in the world knows to give teachers end of the year gifts except me?! It only took me three years to get it! (The oldest is in First grade).

Ta da!

I’m off to the post office.  If you have any spare rotary cutters, yardage, etc, consider donating to The Joplin guild!  Take care!