Bernina Makeover Contest

19 May

Recently on Facebook, I entered a photo of my sewing room to win a makeover. There is a bit of a back story to my sewing room. Let me tell you about it.

When we first bought this house, we had the basement set up as our family room. It was great. The room was big enough to have our big sectional sofa, our entertainment center, and a big corner just for my sewing area. I was completely fine with that set-up. Then, a couple of years ago we had a bunch of snow. And then torrential rain immediately following the snow. We live on a hill, literally. My yard has a fairly large slope starting at the back and going way down in the front. Add all the melting snow and rain, on a hill, and no sump pump and you get a flood. Granted, it was a small flood. We only got 2 inches of water on the floor. It took quite awhile to clean up and we had to rip up all the carpeting. We thought that was the end of it.

It smelled really mildewy down there for a long time. We had paneling up on the walls and one day my husband decided to take the paneling down. To our surprise, the drywall behind the paneling was covered with mold more than halfway up the wall. Apparently, the water had seeped up into the drywall and we never noticed it because it was covered by the paneling.

My husband knows absolutely nothing about drywall (although he thinks he does). He tore all of the old stuff down and put up new drywall. This is the point where he had to stop. You see, after drywall, you have to tape and mud the seams. And then you have to texture it. He has no clue how to do this and make it look normal.

We have since moved all of our furniture upstairs and the basement is now my sewing space which I also share with some exercise equipment. Since you can’t hang shelves or anything on bare drywall, all of my things are in rubbermaid totes or cardboard boxes and shoved under tables.

Winning this contest would be so wonderful. I could have a nice, organized place to sew and a space for my kids to sit and hang out with me while I work. I miss having them down there to talk to, but for some reason they don’t like sitting on the floor…

Here are some photos of my sewing space as it looks now:

Here is the link to vote for my room if you would like to help me out

I love sewing and quilting so much, that my dream is to make a career out of it. Having a disorganized mess like this to work in makes it difficult. I am meeting with a fabric shop owner today to discuss making sample quilts for her shop. I’d like to have a nicer space to work in, where my kids can spend time with me as well since it seems that I may be spending a lot more time in here.

If I had the finances to fix it myself right now, believe me, I certainly would. Bernina is partnering with Home Depot and the winner of this contest will get $2500 from Home Depot to spend or remodeling and $2500 from Bernina to go toward a new sewing machine.

You can vote once a day unit closes on May 25th. The 10 rooms with the most votes will make it into a final round. Every vote helps! Thank you!



One Response to “Bernina Makeover Contest”

  1. HeatherL May 25, 2011 at 3:27 am #

    Hey Selina, I don’t FB but am sending the DH the link. =)

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