This is What Friends Are For

22 Oct

My dear friend (and new best customer) came to visit me today. I have known this lady since I was 13 years old. Even as a teenager, when I was supposed to hate all grown-ups, I adored this woman. She has a fantastic sense of humor and isn’t afraid to be herself. I love people like that.

She commissioned me to make market bags for her. Some are to keep and some are to give away as Christmas gifts. I made seven bags and she loved them so much she asked me to make five more. Because I have known her for so long, and we are such dear friends, it felt very awkward for me when she asked “how much do I owe you?” She ended up just writing me a check and leaving it on the table. Does anyone else have this problem when selling things to friends or family?

Her response to my hesitation in setting a price was this: “When asked what you’re worth my answer is “the world”, so there is no price tag big enough.” And this, friends, is why I love her. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have at least one person like this in their lives. I just so happen to have a couple. I am one blessed lady!



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