Baking Bread

4 Oct

I’ve been interested for a very long time in what people call the “simple” way of living. I already sew, rather than purchase, many items so I decided that my next logical step would be to change the way we eat. Baking bread has always been something that I have had an aversion to. I have assumed that it would never turn out right. I have no real basis for this fear however, as the only “homemade” bread I’ve ever attempted was in my bread machine. I do not like using a bread machine. The bread has never turned out nice, it has a huge hole in the middle, the loaves are small, and you can only make one at a time.

I have all my ingredients ready, and the dough hook attached to my kitchenaid mixer. Wish me luck on this first venture in baking real homemade bread. I am a little nervous, and I think I might go buy a loaf or two to make sure we have bread on hand in case it ends in disaster. If it turns out, I’ll post the recipe so that other people with bread baking phobias can try it too. The recipe sounds easy enough. I’ll cross all my fingers and toes and let you know what happens!

If I do this right maybe I’ll try my hand at canning next summer. That’s something else I’ve always wanted to do. If anyone has tips on simple living such as baking bread, canning, growing vegetables, and the like… please share. I’d love to hear your ideas and see what has worked for you. It just may help to keep me motivated on this journey.

Happy baking,



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