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Fig and Plum Cake

30 Oct

Who doesn’t love cake? This beauty was made using a layer cake (one of each print in an entire fabric line, pre-cut in 10″ blocks). The fabric line I chose was Fig and Plum by Fig Tree Quilts. I absolutely LOVE this quilt!!! I have a problem selling most of the quilts I make because I love them all, but I think I felt a tear drop when I listed this one.

I didn’t get the fabric for the binding; I always forget about it until it’s actually time to bind it. I packed up my 5-year old son and made him go with me to the quilt shop. He hates going there. The sewing machine store (Quality Sewing and Vac) on the other hand… he loves it there. They give him cookies and Audrey makes him fancy things with his name on them with the awesome Pfaff embroidery machines.

This quilt shop trip was different. He happily put on his jacket, put a couple of hot wheels in his pocket, and ran out to the car. He didn’t fuss once while we were there AND he chose the fabric that I used for the binding. He was looking at fabrics and commenting on all the ones that he liked. I got a couple of “Ooh, mom! You should make me a blanket with this one!” Ahh, I love this boy. He makes my heart happy.

Enough mom gushing! Back to the quilt!

I don’t what to say about it really other than I love it. The pastel colors are so pretty and cheerful. It’s a very feminine quilt. It measures 61″ x 70″ which is a great lap quilt size. It seems very generous to me, but at 5 feet tall, I have a very small lap 😉 Of course it’s for sale in our Etsy shop (link on the right side of this page). If it doesn’t sell I guess I’ll just have to keep it for myself. Darn.

And before I forget, have a happy and safe Halloween! My kids are super excited and we have a jam-packed weekend with all kinds of spooky fun on the itinerary.



I <3 Wholesale!

24 Oct

Yesterday Lizze and I went to the wholesale fabric show in Renton. You know how she likes to back all of her quilts in Minkee? Well, maybe you don’t know that. Minkee is the softest, most comforting fabric on this planet. This show could not have come at a better time, because she was nearly out.  A lot of the vendors that are normally there were not because of it being so close to quilt market. I can’t wait for the spring show when everyone will be there!

Lizze ordered 5 bolts of Minkee yesterday. That should be enough to back many, many quilts. We also stopped by and said hello to the ladies at the Clothworks booth. We were amazed because at their booth they had little bags set out on the table. We asked what they were. Quilt kits! They also had fat quarter bundles! With no minimum purchase! It was so exciting.

We both bought a quilt kit and I got two fat quarter bundles. Now, about 3 years ago our family bought a camper. Ever since then I have been wanting to make a quilt for it. I had a difficult time finding just the right “camping” themed fabric. The little bundles I found are perfect. And I got enough to make a quilt that will cover our entire bed.

My FQ bundles and my quilt kit

Makes this beautiful quilt!

Adorable camping themed fabrics

So, I’d have to say that yesterday was a pretty fantastic day. As if I didn’t have enough projects already… But I’m finally going to spend some time making a few things for myself. I can’t wait until next summer when our family gets to go camping again with our lovely new quilt.


This is What Friends Are For

22 Oct

My dear friend (and new best customer) came to visit me today. I have known this lady since I was 13 years old. Even as a teenager, when I was supposed to hate all grown-ups, I adored this woman. She has a fantastic sense of humor and isn’t afraid to be herself. I love people like that.

She commissioned me to make market bags for her. Some are to keep and some are to give away as Christmas gifts. I made seven bags and she loved them so much she asked me to make five more. Because I have known her for so long, and we are such dear friends, it felt very awkward for me when she asked “how much do I owe you?” She ended up just writing me a check and leaving it on the table. Does anyone else have this problem when selling things to friends or family?

Her response to my hesitation in setting a price was this: “When asked what you’re worth my answer is “the world”, so there is no price tag big enough.” And this, friends, is why I love her. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have at least one person like this in their lives. I just so happen to have a couple. I am one blessed lady!



21 Oct

It has been quite awhile since our last post and I feel like I have been slacking off a bit even though we have been incredibly busy.  Lizze has been making covers for eReaders (like the nook, kindle, and eBook). These are great for making sure that your investment is protected and keeps free of blemishes and scratches.

eReader covers

Complete with a pocket for glasses or pens

She has also been working custom order wedding centerpieces.  These are placemats or small table runners that have beautiful applique hearts in your wedding colors. It would also make a fantastic wedding gift for the bride and groom and makes a wonderful keepsake.

With wedding date and names

As for me, I have been making a large order of custom market bags. I have also made a new purse/tote that I have yet to list or take photos of. I also have a quilt top done waiting to be quilted. My buyer is coming to pick up her finished market bags tomorrow afternoon and wants to have a look around my studio to see what fabric I have on hand. She may order more bags! My quilt may have to wait awhile longer.

And for those of you who love my Starry Blossoms quilt (the one I worked on at the lake), you waited too long to snatch it up. It sold last week to a local woman who purchased it for her daughters bedroom.

So, have we been slacking? In the blogging department maybe. But in the sewing area? No way! We are in high gear! Christmas is coming and it will be here before we know it. We’re trying to get as much done as we can so we have a large selection for you. But as always, we take custom orders. If there is something special you are looking for just ask us. We’re willing to work a lot of overtime to get you the perfect gift for that special someone (even if that someone is yourself).



Lotus Bag

10 Oct

I started this bag a very long time ago but, like most of my projects, I never got around to finishing it. Until today. I finally pulled it out of my overflowing “unfinished projects” box and got it done.

It’s a great size. Not too big that you can’t use it everyday, but not too small that you can’t fit everything you might need it. You can use it for going to the library, for a diaper bag, or anything else you can think of. It’s really an awesome bag made with beautiful Amy Butler lotus fabric.

Oh, and by the way… This bag is made from the same fabric as one of the wallets I posted awhile back. What a lovely matching set it would make!

Baking Bread

4 Oct

I’ve been interested for a very long time in what people call the “simple” way of living. I already sew, rather than purchase, many items so I decided that my next logical step would be to change the way we eat. Baking bread has always been something that I have had an aversion to. I have assumed that it would never turn out right. I have no real basis for this fear however, as the only “homemade” bread I’ve ever attempted was in my bread machine. I do not like using a bread machine. The bread has never turned out nice, it has a huge hole in the middle, the loaves are small, and you can only make one at a time.

I have all my ingredients ready, and the dough hook attached to my kitchenaid mixer. Wish me luck on this first venture in baking real homemade bread. I am a little nervous, and I think I might go buy a loaf or two to make sure we have bread on hand in case it ends in disaster. If it turns out, I’ll post the recipe so that other people with bread baking phobias can try it too. The recipe sounds easy enough. I’ll cross all my fingers and toes and let you know what happens!

If I do this right maybe I’ll try my hand at canning next summer. That’s something else I’ve always wanted to do. If anyone has tips on simple living such as baking bread, canning, growing vegetables, and the like… please share. I’d love to hear your ideas and see what has worked for you. It just may help to keep me motivated on this journey.

Happy baking,