Shabby Cabin

5 Aug

This quilt gave me fits. It was my first Log Cabin and I had never machine quilted before (I used to do it all by hand, but that takes too long). Lizze had just shown me how to do binding the “proper” way as well. This quilt was a mess waiting to happen.

I found the fabrics at my local quilt shop and I just loved them. It was there in the shop that I decided I should make a log cabin quilt. I got the blocks pieced just fine, but then came the quilting. My tension was off and I had big loops on the back. The best part is that I didn’t know until I was ALL DONE since it looked fine on the front. As an inexperienced machine quilter I had no idea that I should stop and check once in awhile to make sure it was nice on both sides. And that weird noise my machine was making? Yes, I ignored it and kept on going.

I ended up ripping out all of the quilting I had done and went crying to Lizze’s house. She let me use her Bernina to re-quilt it. Then came the binding… I did it wrong. I was so fed up with this quilt that I just folded it and put it away for months. Recently, I decided to try again. I took off the binding and did it correctly. Now that I have made several quilts using the proper binding technique, I felt much more confident. Now that it has been quilted twice, and bound twice… it is finally done.

No sooner do I get this quilt complete, I stumble upon a Log Cabin contest. Well, you know I had to enter. I’m certain that my quilt will not win, but I’m proud of it regardless. Voting starts tomorrow so I’ll post a link if you’re interested in voting for me 🙂

In the meantime, this quilt is listed for sale in our etsy shop (the link is on the right hand side of this page).



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