Vacation Time!

16 Jul

There’s a reason that I’ve been so horrible about blogging lately. We’re on vacation! My four kids and myself made the 8 hour drive from Western Washington where the temperature has been in the 70’s, over to Boise, Idaho. Today we are roasting in the 100+ degree weather. It is so different here. Parts are green, but it’s mostly very dry. And flat. I feel like I can see for miles when I stand and look outside.

We have been staying with some relatives here and they have 10 acres. They have several chickens, some goats, and someone has leased some of their land for their sheep, so we have those here too for awhile. A majority of our time has been spent in the pool though. When we come home everyone will wonder where we got these awesome tans!

As much as there is to do here, I miss my sewing machine. It sounds silly because a vacation isn’t for work. I guess that means I really love what I do! We’ll be getting home next Tuesday, and you can bet that I’ll be spending most of Wednesday sewing to my hearts content!



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