Who are we?

16 Jun

Hello, we are Selina and Elizabeth (better known as Lizze). Since this is a new blog we’ll start off  by telling you a little about ourselves.

First of all, we met online through a quilting group for moms. We would chat back and forth until one day, we decided to have a craft night with a few other ladies in the group and it was there that we met face to face for the first time. It is a bizarre experience to meet someone in person that you have only known online. Not to mention a little scary. But we are so glad that we did! We have had many adventures so far including several concerts and an impromptu trip to Canada. We have become the best of friends.

Selina grew up in Yakima, WA. She was married at 19 and has since had four children. She now lives in Puyallup, WA with her gaggle of children, loving husband, three crazy kitties, and a pug named Bijou. Selina has been sewing for about five years.

Lizze was born and raised in West Seattle. She was also married at 19. She has two gorgeous children, two kitties, and Todd the Pomeranian. Lizze has been sewing for a long time. She made her first quilt in high school and hasn’t put the sewing machine away since.

As many compliments as we get on our handmade items we decided to open a shop on the Etsy website.  We use only the best quality fabrics and threads for our wares. We both do all of our own quilting. Please check out our shop and tell us what you think. Good or bad, we can take it! We love feedback and appreciate any help in knowing what things could use a bit of work.

Come visit us at http://www.thewanderingstars.etsy.com

Best Wishes,

Selina & Lizze


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