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30 Jun

Lizze had her birthday on Monday. I won’t tell how old she is because a lady never reveals her age. We spent the day on the waterfront in Seattle. We had a wonderful seafood lunch at Anthony’s. The sun was shining and we sat outside on the deck. They serve a key lime martini so you know we had to try one. It was very tasty, but super sweet.
After our wonderful lunch, we stopped at an Irish pub to have another drink before heading down to the market to get tickets for the Toadies concert at the end of July.
My daughter is also having a birthday soon. She’s going to be 9 next week. Her name is Alice, and Alice complains very frequently that I never make her anything. She has spent the last few days in Yakima with her grandparents so while she has been gone, I’ve been working on a birthday quilt. It’s nearly done. I only have about half of the binding left to hand stitch down. I hope she loves it. After I started working on it, she said that she hates pink. Either she will be very happy with it, or you will see it listed for sale in our shop next week.


Shop Hop Update

27 Jun

As promised, I have a few photos for you from our shop hop adventure. We had a fabulous time. Our favorite shop BY FAR was the quilt shop in Bellevue. If you haven’t been there, GO!!! Visiting that shop was the best part of our day. They had a station set up to make little drawstring bags. The lady who helped us? Now that was our kind of lady! Lizze really wants a serger now. I have one, but it certainly isn’t a Bernina. It does the job, but boy, those Berninas are nice. However, they have the price tag to go with it.

My daughter, Sara ended up tagging along for the trip. She is 10 years old and has taken a sewing class. She has made bags, pillows, and a couple of very simple quilts. She participated in the hop and got the quilt blocks too. Her and I will be working on our blocks together. Many of them use applique this year, which I hate. We will learn to do it together. It will either be a wonderful bonding experience, or an abysmal failure… We shall see.

Shop Hop

25 Jun

We managed to find a babysitter crazy enough to take on all 6 of our kids for 8 hours. So today, Lizze and I are going to join in on the Western Washington Shop Hop. With each quilt shop you visit, you get a little bag filled with the fabric needed to make one quilt block. By the time you’re finished, you have enough to make an entire quilt! Granted, we could buy the fabric to make it for less than we’ll be spending on gas money, but we’re in it for the adventure! I’ve got my Muse concert t-shirt on, my hooded sweatshirt, and my big sunglasses. This is my standard adventure outfit. I’m ready! We’ll take plenty of photos and share our little road trip with you later.

I Wish I Had More Time

23 Jun

It seems that we have more time to ready our home for sale. I am in the process of trying to make it pretty by sprucing up the paint. You see, we are not fans of white walls. Every room in our house is painted sone kind of funky color. My kitchen was this color that I bought just for the name; it was called “storm warning”. I loved it. Now it’s beige. Blah.

We had a relative come over who happens to own a framing business. He bulids fancy new homes for a living. I was very upset after his visit because he said my house is awful. Not in those words, but he actually suggested that my best bet would be to “accidentally” burn it down. I’ve decided to take his words with a grain of salt. My house is not brand spanking new and I don’t have stainless steel appliances, or granite counter tops. I also don’t have a postage stamp for a yard, a garage with no door opener, and a house that looks like every other house on my block. I also don’t have neighbors five feet from my house that can see in my windows when I’m changing. So it’s fine. My house was built in 1970 and it has character. I’d take that over a cookie cutter any day!

With all this painting and cleaning and packing, my sewing is taking a back seat for the moment. Hopefully I can get all this done soon so I can get back to doing what I love. I miss Ingrid (yes, I named my sewing machine. So what?). Thankfully Lizze is still sewing up a storm and helping out with the shop. We haven’t even had time to get business cards done. Maybe Thursday will be a good day for that. I’m taking that day off.


Our First Sales

20 Jun

We made our very first sales this morning! My wonderful cousin Kim bought three items from us. Is it too early for a celebratory cocktail?

I’m posting photos of the sold items here. If you like what you see, don’t forget that we take custom orders and we can make any of these items special just for you! The jacket can be made in any size from newborn up to a child’s size 6.

Selina & Lizze

Summer Camp

20 Jun

I finished my latest little quilt today. As I was making it, I really thought that it would make such a great gift for a child going off to summer camp for the very first time. I never went to summer camp, but the fabric helps me imagine what it would be like. Guitars, campfires, tents, canoes, swimming in the lake… it’s all there! It makes me wish I had gone to camp as a child.

Having a special quilt to take to camp would help a child to feel more comfortable while they are away from home. It will also help to remind them of the fun they had when they return home again.

Lizze made an adorable baby jacket that she listed in the shop today as well. It is made with shabby chic fabrics and lined with pink flannel.

Head over to our shop and check out our latest listings! There are several other items that we have not mentioned. Give it a look and let us know what you think.

Selina & Lizze

Happenings for Today

18 Jun

Today is a busy day for me. I have a quilt in the works that is almost complete and ready to list for sale. It’s the cutest camping themed fabric. It’s a small quilt, perfect for a crib or toddler bed, or even just that special blankie for your little one. I can’t wait to have it finished!

I am running low on quilt batting so I need to go get some more of that today as well. When I say low, I mean, I have about 5 yards left. If that. Talk about waiting until the last minute!

And, of course summer break is here. Does it feel like summer out there? Anyone? My kids are home all day and it’s too cold to send their little bums outside! I may go insane before month’s end. Grocery shopping is on my agenda for the day. Have you ever taken four children to a grocery store? I’d almost rather starve to death.

Lizze has a birthday coming up. I worked on her gift yesterday and got it all done. Now I just have to wait until June 28th to give it to her. I hate waiting to give people their gifts. I’m always very impatient about that sort of thing. Especially if I know it is something they will love, and I know she will love this! We also plan to go to the Seattle Waterfront that day and have lunch at one of the many wonderful seafood restaurants they have. We are still undecided as to which one we’d like to go to. Then we’ll come home, drink booze, and eat cake!

Speaking of things I am impatient about, I might be moving soon. My husband has been offered a chance (as well as a couple other managers) at running a new restaurant. He has said yes, but now we are waiting for the “big bosses” to talk amongst themselves to decide who will go. I can’t stand the waiting. Moving involves many details. First and foremost, selling my home. Which in this market, I can’t say that I’m looking forward to that. If we get the new store we will be packing our bags and moving back to Yakima. Our hometown. My beloved. I’m trying not to get my hopes up just in case it doesn’t work out, but I am failing miserably! If anyone is looking for a 1700 square foot home with a 2-car garage, 3 bedrooms, 2.25 bathrooms, with a huge yard on South Hill in Puyallup, I may have one available soon 😉 A new sewing room would be nice. And a swimming pool. They have sunshine in Yakima!